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About Flowcup

100% medical-grade silicone

The silicone in Flowcup is 100% hypoallergenic, 100% latex-free, 100% fragrance-free and 100% free from artificial colours. When we selected the silicone for the Flowcup menstrual cup, we chose a premium quality medical-grade silicone which is extra soft. Quality, safety and comfort have been keywords throughout Flowcup’s development. Currently, it is not possible to CE mark menstrual cups. We hope and believe that in the future, menstrual cups will be classified as medical devices, enabling the possibility of CE marking. Flowcup is produced by a Swedish-owned company under especially hygienic conditions where other medical components are manufactured.


The Flowcup menstrual cup is available in two sizes. Size 1 is 40 mm in diameter and has a capacity of 25 ml up to the rim and Size 2, which is 44 mm in diameter, has a capacity of 30 ml up to the rim. The menstrual cup comes with a lovely fabric pouch made from organic cotton.

Our menstrual cup size recommendation depends on how heavy your periods are. If you are not sure whether to choose size 1 or 2, we suggest that you choose size 1, as a menstrual cup holds significantly more menstrual fluid than a tampon.

The environment

Menstrual cups are fantastically environmentally-friendly sanitary protection as they can be used again and again – up to five years in accordance with our recommendation. Did you know that it is estimated that a woman uses 11,000 items of disposable sanitary protection, such as pads and tampons, in her lifetime? Together we can make a dramatic impact on the conservation of the earth’s resources. We have chosen to take the environmental aspect a step further. Flowcup takes the conservation of the earth’s resources seriously and is striving to become what is known as a Zero Waste company. We have almost succeeded. The only thing that you will have little use from after your purchase is the thick paper envelope in which the menstrual cup is posted. We hope that you will send the envelope for recycling.

You will receive the manual for your menstrual cup in smart digital format at the time of your purchase. This means that you will always have access to the manual on your mobile or computer. We believe that the best manual is one that you always have with you. You can also download your manual here.

The freedom

Play sport, swim, dance and forget about buying sanitary protection for the coming years. It is estimated that a woman spends approx. SEK 15,000 on sanitary protection alone during her menstrual years. We think there are more interesting things to spend money on. With a menstrual cup, you get your freedom back and save some money. Flowcup does not leak, will not be felt, and you only need to take it out and empty it every 12 hours. Now you can think about something other than having your period!