The Kind Cup

Kind To Your Body

Exercise, go for a swim, dance – you regain your freedom with the Flowcup! The Flowcup doesn’t leak, you don’t feel it, and you just remove and empty the Flowcup once every 12 hours. The Flowcup collects your flow, rather than absorbing it, meaning your body will keep its natural moisture in the pelvic organs.

Kind To The Earth

The Flowcup is an awesome, environmentally friendly period protection alternative, as it is reusable and can be used over and over again – actually up to 5 years! When you buy the Flowcup menstrual cup, you will spare the environment from more than 10,000 disposable menstrual protections during your lifetime. Experience a greener period!

Kind To Your Wallet

Stop buying disposable period protections each month – we are sure you can have a lot more fun with your money. Best quality and comfort have been our catch-words during the development of Flowcup, hence we are extremely happy to offer a menstrual cup of best quality for a really great price!


Size 1

Little to normal flow.

Size 2

Normal to heavy flow.

Being Kind

is kind of a big deal


Together with our customers, we have ensured that up till today, approximately 9,200 Flowcups have reached young women in need in South Africa, Namibia, India, Guinea Bissau, Uganda, Liberia, Kenya and Malawi, just to mention a few places. By choosing Flowcup you contribute this important social work. Read more about our work, here.